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The Last One

Kayleigh is a quirky bookworm that has decided to use her love of books to open a small bookshop in her small hometown of Whitt Hollow, Maine. After her eighteenth birthday, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she started hearing voices in her mind. She was prescribed medication to get sorted out, but she once in awhile delays her pill intake to hear the voices talk to her or to each other. Her life is a bit mundane, but she doesn’t mind since she can escape into her world of fantasy and books. Except one day, one of the voices in her head and someone she regularly sees in her dreams pops up out of nowhere to save her from a werewolf that attacks her in her bookshop.

Deacon has been trying to find his twin flame for years now, but she has been constantly drifting in and out of communication. The others suspect she’s taking prescription medication that messes with the chemicals in her brain, making it harder to reach her. He’s trying to find her before the Darklings find her first and murder her before she can embark upon her destiny to be the last Keeper of the Keys.

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